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Helia Sadeghi

Hello! I am an artist, poet, dreamer, writer, cake-designer, and cook based in Oakland, CA. I have a soft spot for the smell of freshly ground spices, spring produce, and big meals with friends. I was born and raised in Isfahan, Iran, surrounded by amazing family cooks and hosts, which sparked my love for cooking. I use my love for food and ingredients to heal homesickness, build communities, and bring people together. 

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The Meaning Behind Big Dill Kitchen

Big Dill Kitchen is named after my love for herbs, cooking, and Iranian hospitality. Big Dill is a pun that works on multiple levels. Most obvious one, being “big deal kitchen” because it is a big deal for me to share my food with others.
Dil/Del means heart in Farsi and many other languages. So, “big heart kitchen”, because it reminds me of Iranian hospitality and the way my grandma would spend all day in the kitchen to feed others.
Finally, Dil/Del means tummy/stomach in Farsi slang. So, big dill refers to a big/full tummy, which is how you would feel if you came over.

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